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GST specializes in supplying Cotton Towels, Microfiber Towels, Foam Pads, Foam Guns, Clay Bars, Wax Applicator and many styles of cleaning Brushes to choose from. Our Customer relationship, supplier network in China and operations are unrivaled. Our Shanghai office evaluates factories based on their capacity to supply the right products and their commitment to quality and reliable delivery. Some products are also imported from Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, and USA.

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Top-shelf Products

Clay Bar

  • New Formula of Clay Bars mixtures are from Japan and Europe 
  • origin 4x 50 gm bars in Blister. 
Packaging :

  • Total of 200 gm.
  • 1x 100 gm can clean about 20~25 times.
(compact size cars)

Wiping Towel
  • Best result using our MB16, MB24, MBE16 series All purpose towels
  • Super Towels can cleaning, drying, wiping, buffing, polishing any Surface.
  • Leaving the clean surface with Streak-Free and Lints-Free.

Wash Mitt

  • Green Chenille Swirl-Free Car Wash Mitt.
  •  long caterpillar-like microfiber absorbs soap and shampoo easily and disperse it over vehicles surfaces evenly.
  • Pick up any dirts and debris without any scratch.

Air Pressure Washer

  • Hand pump air pressure sprayer with 1.5L
  • Great for cleaning for small area, wheels, or indoor washing during winter
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • create foam soapy wash for cleaning job

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