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Wheel Rim Wash Brush
Wheel Rim Wash Brush

12" Short Wheel Spoke Brush Cream Pack of 12

Sku: BW12CRM
  • Wheel / Rim / Spoke Brush / Fender brush
  • 17" total length brush is easy to maneuver
  • Bristles are tough on dirt gentle, but gentle on surfacesdi
  • The cord is bendable, but still very durable
  • Effective way to clean all wheels especially bigger sized wheels
  • Plastic tip prevent scratches
YOUR PRICE: $37.20
Your vehicle's wheels are the hardest part to clean because the brake dust builds up every time you press on the brake. Brake dust is corrosive, and is harmful to your wheels when left on for a long period of time. Golden State's wheel brush shape is similar to a bottle brush shape. You can easily insert it into any alloy wheels. Even with intricate spokes, you will be able to clean around the engine and deep behind the wheels and fenders. The bristles are chemical resistant. They are tough on dirt yet gentle on the surface. It will not scratch your wheels polish or finish. The cord is made out of an anti-rust material and is also bendable and flexible. Constructed of a natural wood handle with hanging ring for easy storage. We also have a larger size brush for big SUV's, trucks, and larger vehicles.

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