Paint Correction with ShineMate DA Polisher MSM-DA603

DA polisher is short for Dual-Action polisher machine, also known as Orbital Polisher.  While Rotary Machines spin in one direction, the DA spins and shifts up / down at the same time.  DA polishers are relatively new to the market, however they are becoming more popular because they are easier to operate than Rotary polishers.

To make it even more controllable, ShineMate MSM-DA603 is built with speed stabilizer. It starts slowly and will speed up gradually.  This smooth power can prevent accidentally burning the edges.  

MSM-DA603 only weighs 1.9 kg and is in a compact size.  It's perfect for paint correction in small areas, bumper trims, headlights, and much more.  There are 6 speed settings.  Lower speeds allow you spread out wax or sealant evenly, while higher speeds can help you remove scratches and swirl marks.

The package of MSM-603 includes 2 pieces of 4" diamond line foam pads with 3" Velcro attachment which match perfectly with 3" backing plate.  Golden State Trading Inc. is a distributor of ShineMate products.  We offer varieties of backing plates and foam pads with wholesale discount prices.  You may find a range of foam pads for your detailing works,  from heavy cutting pads to final finishing pads, and everything in between.

To complete your detailing works, we also offer various chemical products by SUPER PROS.  The Cutting Compound,  Surface Prep Cleaner and Final Polisher work perfectly well with the DA polisher.  And don't forget to checkout our super plushy and fluffy edgeless polishing microfiber towels.  

For more detail information on HOW TO remove scratches and swirl marks from your car paint surfaces effectively, please check out the below video.  We have also tagged the related products below for your reference.  HAPPY SHOPPING!

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