Common Misconceptions About Waterless Car Wash Products
They’ll Scratch the Car

The only way a waterless car polish is going to scratch the car you're washing is if you're not using the right products and technique. Use a 100-percent cotton or microfiber cloth, and apply the polish in a smooth, circular motion. You'll get a clean shine without any scratching.

They're All the Same

Don't think that any waterless car wax or wash is going to be exactly the same. That's far from the truth. Not only do they come in both can and aerosol forms, but different products also have different base ingredients. Be sure to look closely at whatever product you're buying to ensure it's a quality wash product.

They Damage the Paint

In addition to believing these products will scratch your car, some people think they can damage or wear down the paint. But the opposite is true. These products can often provide a protective layer for the car's paint job.

They're the Same as Quick Detailers

Quick detailers are great for adding some extra shine between washes, and you might already offer this service to VIP members or as an a la carte service. But don't believe the rumors that claim these are the same as waterless car wash products. Waterless wash products provide much more cleaning power than quick detailers and should be offered as a separate service.

If you're not yet offering a waterless car wash at your car washing business, consider adding it to your menu of services. You might be surprised by just how many more customers you can attract.

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