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Micro Fiber Detergent
Micro Fiber Detergent

Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent 16 Oz. | 6 Bottles

Sku: CS-MF-16oz
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  • Formulated specifically for cleaning microfiber towels
  • Removes stains, soils and oily residue properties of microfiber
  • Regular washing with powder detergents or regular soap detergent is harmful to microfiber.  It may destroy the absobency of the towels
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  • Dilute 2 oz. of detergent to 8-gallon loads (standard laundry machine capacity) and use.  
  • For heavy soiled laundry, use 3 oz. to 6 oz. microfiber wash per full load.
  • For presoak use, dilute 1 part of detergent with 3 parts of water to remove stain.  

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