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Paint Correction - Clear Coat Sealant, 1 Gallon

Sku: CP-CP-1G
  • Non-wax based polymer coating
  • Developed to protect clear coat finishes and to extend life of coating
  • Can be applied as easy as wax
  • Ultimate gloss coating
  • Water beading
  • Easy to remove
  • Applied by microfiber applicator 
  • Buffing with microfiber towel to shine
YOUR PRICE: $79.80
Clear Coat Sealant is a long lasting polymer sealant, which increases the depth of shine and gives your paint finish that showroom shine again. It brightens the color of your paints finish and adds a long lasting polymer film, that looks Great and is extremely durable. Use on a pre cleaned smooth surface that has been either clayed or compounded, to seal and finish your job like a professional

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