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Golden State Trading Inc.

Golden State has been engaging in import and distribution of car wash and auto detailing products since 2002 and is the leading car wash products development, sourcing and marketing company in USA. If you have an invention idea or new product, we want to hear from you. We help inventors develop and launch their new invention ideas. "WE TURN IDEAS INTO REALITY"

We specialize in Supplying of cotton towels, microfiber towels, foam pads, foam guns, clay bars, wax applicators, and Brushes and so on. We have a 13000 sq. ft. warehouse in South El Monte, CA to cater our customers' need.

Microfiber towels are commercial grade, can be used hundreds of times and are made to task specification.

Our customer relationship, supplier network in China and operations are unrivaled. Our Shanghai office evaluates factories based on their capacity to supply the right products and their commitment to quality and reliable delivery. We work with suppliers in multiple ways to meet our customers' needs. Currently, we also import from Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards to satisfy the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality and prompt delivery. We have capacity and flexibility to rapidly respond to evolving trends in the consumers and production markets.

Currently, we are looking for distributors in different areas, Catalog is available upon request.

If you have any question and are interested to know more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us. You may also browse www.golden-state.net for detailed information.