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Detailing Interior & Exterior Brush
Detailing Interior & Exterior Brush

9" Plastic Handle Natural Hair Detail Brush, Pack of 12

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  • Professional multi-purpose detail brush
  • Great tool for cleaning car vents, dashboards, knobs, and cup holders
  • Can also be used as a wheel and lug nut brush
  • Black and Navy-blue colored brush
  • Plastic handle will not rust
  • Slim handle
  • Convenient hanging hole for display and easy storage
  • Soft natural bristles
YOUR PRICE: $36.00
This multi purpose professional detail brush has durable wooden handle. 1.5 inch soft bristles are set in plastic ferrule. We change it to plastic ferrule because metal ferrule gets rusty and it might scratch car surfaces by accident. The bristles softness is perfect for cleaning AC vent, dashboard buttons, knobs and cup holder. Lots of detailers use it to clean wheel lug nut and any small gap areas. This is a "detailer's must" brush.

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