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Aggressive Grade Clay Bar
Aggressive Grade Clay Bar

Professional Auto Detailing Clay Bar Aggressive Grade, 4pcs/pack, Red, Pack of 6

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  • New Formula of Clay Bars mixtures are from Japan and Europe origin 
  • 4x 50gm bars in Blister Packaging (total 200gm)
  • 1x 100 gm can clean 20~25 compact size cars (Depending on paint condition)
  • Good to reduce time at work, can finish detailing job in 1 ~ 2 hours
  • Easily use and less sticky to gloves or hands
  • Can use soap water as lubricant
  • Aggressive and Mild Grades are Available in Store
  • Specially made for detailing industry and distributed by Golden State Trading Inc
YOUR PRICE: $84.00
Tree sap, road tar, bug splatter, and pollution can stuck underneath your car's clear coat paint, glass and metal. These acid debris will damage your car's paint overtime if not taking good care of it. After wash your car, place your hand in a plastic shopping bag and lightly run your hand over the surface of your car. If you don't feel it as smooth as glass, the chances are your car need to be clay. Traditional clay bar usually comes in large pieces (280 - 300g). Golden State's clay bar has pre-cut into 4 small pieces so you don't have to cut it before use. Simply unwrap a small piece and start to clay. Even by accident you drop a piece on the ground, you waste one small piece, not a whole bar. Clay a 12" x 12" section each time before move on to the next section. Use our microfiber towels to wipe off lubricant. Give your vehicle its showroom shine.

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