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Window Shining Towel
Window Shining Towel

Silky Microfiber Glass Towel Green

Sku: MG16GRN
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  • Soft microfiber silky texture towel
  • Streak free
  • Scratch free and lint free
  • Perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors, and display screens
  • Low pile microfiber cloth
  • 20 packs/case (240pcs/case)
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Its fine and smooth material is the perfect towel for cleaning glass, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces. This towel works best when one side is damp, and the other side of the towel is dry. Use the damp side to wipe down dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Use the dry side to remove any remaining particles. This microfiber "glass cleaning" towel is 290 GSM (grams per square meter), 16"x16", which is a comfortable and convenient size to work with. We recommend keeping a few of these towels with you in your home, office, or in you car. Our ultra-fine microfiber glass towel is ideal for removing fingerprints and dirt from surfaces, such as: Computer screens, TV screens, Cell phones, and more! We guarantee our towels to leave no lint and no streaks!  Also available in blue color.

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