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Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Super Multi-purpose Exterior Cleaner 1 Gallon

Sku: CC-MP-1G
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  • Concentrated multi-purpose cleaner
  • Highly recommended for engine cleaning
  • Grease and tar remover, also good for cleaning rim/wheel and bugs
  • Strong enough to cut through the toughest grime
  • Unique foaming agents create a light foaming action that agitates while cleaning

PRICE: $16.94
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  • Economical and effective multi-purpose cleaner
  • Developed for a broad range of applications
  • Cuts through engine grease, bug guts, tar and can be used as a pre-soak
  • Safe to use on paint, fiberglass, vinyl, leather, and morel
  • Great for removing grime from wheel wells and rims
  • Please follow the dilution ratios for best results

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