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Flagged-Tip Soft Bristle Wash Brush
Flagged-Tip Soft Bristle Wash Brush

Wheel & Tire Soft Brush

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  • 9” Length Short Handle Ultra Soft Brush with Flagged-Tipped Bristles
  • Color: Green
  • Perfect for cleaning wheels, tires, undercarriage and more
  • Super dense bristles holds tire dressing well
  • Lightweight and comfortable handle
  • Convenient hanging hole for display and easy storage
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Soft green bristles gently brush away brake dirt, mud, and grime from wheels without scratch. Tightly packed flagged-tip soft bristles make this brush a unique way to apply tire gel dressing. The tire gel dressing stays in between the brush and tire. It won't soak up deep inside the bristles. Tire gel dress is expensive, you definitely don't want to waste it in the brush. Golden State has many selections of wash brush and tire dressing applicators.

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